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Join Koko Amusement and become the next World Champion of Taiko no Tatsujin! Win a chance to play in the Championship in Tokyo, Japan and represent the region's might!

Play in the Preliminary Contest on the 17th of March in order to gain a ticket to the Regional Tournament! Win the Regional Tournament to play in the World Championship in Tokyo, Japan!

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Date:17th March 2024

  • Registration:2pm-5:45pm

  • Contest: From 6pm

  • Location: Koko Amusement, 614 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

  • Entry fee: TBA

How to join:

  • Turn up at the dedicated time and date! Make sure to bring the items listed in the “What should I bring" section!

  • Register at the front counter. Only the first 20 players who register will be playing!

(Registered? Now would be a good chance to get some practice in!)

15 minutes before the tournament time, the machine will be closed for tournament. The announcer will declare the song to be played. Taking turns, play the song and go for the best score! Your position will be based on your score!


You only get one chance!

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  • What venue will be participating?
    For Koko Amusement, the venue that will be participating in the Preliminary Contest and Regional Tournament is Koko Amusement 614 George St.
  • What should l bring?
    Bring your Banapassport, your KOKO game card and some hydration! Get prepared for some high-octane drumming session! Don't have a game card yet? You can acquire your very own KOkO game card at the front desk, or using our self-serve card machine! Qualified to join the Regional Tournaments? Please bring your entry ticket with you for the tournament! Players without a Banapassport containing Taiko no Tatsujin data will not be allowed to enter the tournament
  • What is the age limit for this contest/tournament?
    There are no age limit for the Taiko World Championship. Players of all age can join in on the fun! If the paver is considered to be a minor (17 or below, the player must be accompanied by a legal guardian and/or must gain a statement of consent should they win the Regional Tournament in order to participate in the Finals in Japan.
  • I joined the Preliminary Contest at another venue! Can l still join this one?
    You can join the Preliminary Contest any number of time! However, please note that once you have been chosen to represent an arcade (placed top 2in any Preliminary Contest), you will not be able to represent another arcade. If the player voluntarily withdraw their qualifications, they will NOT be allowed to join other preliminary contests at other locations
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