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Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Where can I get the KOKO AMUSEMENT Card?
    Please come to the reception, our friendly staff will assist you.
  • Will my KOKO AMUSEMENT game card credit expire?
    Yes. Game credit will expire if the card is inactive for 36 months from date of last use.
  • How do I check my Reward Points?
    Please contact our friendly staff at the reception to check your total Reward Points.
  • Can I get a replacement for a lost KOKO AMUSEMENT Cards?
    Sorry, KOKO AMUSEMENT is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards containing credit or tickets.
  • What constitutes “last use”?
    Using your KOKO AMUSEMENT Card to play games, load credit or redeem prizes.
  • Should I need to register my KOKO Card?
    Yes, VIP membership card need to register.
  • Can KOKO game cards be used in different locations?
    Yes, credits and points can be used at all KOKO AMUSEMENT branches.
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